Pointers for Investor Relations & PR Professionals

Pointers for public relations professionals: 

  • Be responsive. If a reporter calls or emails with questions, call back within a few hours. Don't miss opportunities to build relationships and gain visibility for your brand.
  • When emailing journalists, include your cell number.
  • In emails to journalists, don't use attachments. Show press releases in the body of your email. A reporter tweeted: “Attaching a release as a pdf, rather than a doc or in the body of the email, makes me 63.4% less likely to use it."
  • Follow reporters on Twitter. Their tweets show what interests them. Use that information to tailor pitches to each person's area of interest.
  • Make the subject line of your email compelling when pitching journalists. Peter Diamandis recommends in his blog: “Make the subject line a) unique, b) meaningful and c) easily searchable The subject line is one of the (if not THE) most important parts of the email… The subject needs to be unique and compelling -- just like a headline on a news article, the subject should capture my attention, pique my interest and make me want to open your email.”
  • Create a target media list and then research each reporter's background. Do you have anything in common with them? If so, mention it in your outreach.
  • From Bloomberg: How to Build Relationships with the Media by Aileen Pincus 
  • 4 Ways to Offend a Journalist on Social Media from Cision
  • Top 10 PR Mistakes that Journalists Hate Most by Angus Wood
  • 13 Do's And Don'ts When Pitching To The Media from Forbes
  • See books with more pointers on Susan's Amazon.com author page
  • Craft key messages differentiating your company's products using clear, concise language.

Seven Tips for Effective Investor Relations:

SOS Communications IR Pointers Infographic

Pointer for PR & Investor Relations professionals: Think like your audience, anticipate questions and respond quickly to requests for information.

Prepare for a Communications Crisis: Draft standby statements for various scenarios ahead of time.

Download an Analyst Meeting Checklist for Analyst Day Meetings.

Download an Annual Shareholder Meeting Checklist.

Check out Susan's author page on amazon.com.

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