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Learn investor relations & public relations pointers from a seasoned professional in brief books available on

  • Discover 41 tips for how to best conduct Investor Relations. Hear how to attract sellside coverage and increase interest from investors. These pointers will result in a robust investor relations program.
  • Learn 47 tips for Public Relations and best practices in PR. Establish positive relationships with the media.
  • Develop a strategic PR plan with five steps, using key questions on
  • Read how to conduct an investor relations perception audit on
  • Follow a helpful "Crisis Communication Plan Template" to prepare for and calmly handle a communications crisis on

41 IR Tips for Effective Investor Relations

Learn pointers to incorporate into communications strategies and Investor Relations plans to increase your company's IR visibility. Learn how to build IR relationships. Discover 41 tips for how to best conduct Investor Relations. Hear how to attract analyst coverage and investor interest. These pointers will result in a robust investor relations plan and IR outreach that resonates with your audience. Gain insights about your target audience to help you attract new sell-side coverage and institutional investors.

47 PR Tips for Effective Public Relations 

Learn how to increase your company's visibility and how to build relationships with the media. Include these guidelines for a more robust Public Relations strategic plan. 47 PR Tips will show you how to build positive relationships with journalists and how to attract media coverage. You’ll learn how to pitch reporters and what not to do when conducting media outreach. Learn from an expert whose media pitches have resulted in local, national and international media coverage. Improve your PR outreach and increase media coverage. What are people saying? “I just bought the 47 PR Tips e-book by @susanspecht - A great Public Relations resource for #entrepreneurs!” Randy S. 

Crisis Communications plan template bookCrisis Communication Plan Template: Learn how to write a crisis communication plan, available on is a step by step guide to crisis communication planning. Save time by following a proven plan. Fill in a crisis communication template and be ready if a crisis occurs with:

  • 3 crucial steps to prepare for a crisis
  • 16 steps for calmly handling a crisis
  • A crisis communication pan
  • Draft standby statements
  • A template for an all employee email
  • A template for an emergency contact list
  • A crisis communications response worksheet
  • A template for a crisis press release
  • Crisis communications guidelines for Facilities staff
  • A stakeholder list
  • A call in log for follow up calls
  • Anecdotes from crisis communications incidents

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5 Steps for Creating a Strategic PR Plan- on

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How to Conduct an Investor Relations Perception Audit- on

How to conduct an IR perception audit

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