Susan Specht Oram

After wandering west from Michigan, Susan found her place on a knob of rock in a house where deer dance on the roof. 

She's writing novels about people finding the courage to overcome obstacles in unusual communities. Anything can happen.

In the past, she worked in corporate communications for biotechnology companies such as Immunex, ZymoGenetics, Dendreon and OncoGenex.

Before that, while raising boisterous twins and running an art studio, Susan was a freelance writer. Her articles appeared in Mothering Magazine, Utne Reader and Twins Magazine.

She received a BFA with Honors from University of Oregon and an MBA from Seattle University. She's a member of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association & Women's Fiction Writers Association.

Susan lives in the Pacific Northwest with her trumpet-playing husband and their beagle-mix rescue dog, who sings along with the trumpet. 

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 Deer dance on roof top Susan Specht Oram

This photo taken in late September features the Pacific Northwest's moody, atmospheric weather:

Atmospheric photo of Susan Specht Oram in the Pacific Northwest
Photo credit: Rick Dahms


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